Date:April 30, 2015

Nina Lyrispect Ball – PHL Here For The Making Unveiling

RBTV host Nina “Lyrispect” Ball is a spokesperson for PHK Here For the Making Campaign. On February 12, 2014, a series of banners featuring #Makers was unveiled in Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. Here, Lyrispect introduces us to the project and takes a selfie with Mayor Nutter. A Reelblack Exclusive.

Philadelphia, PA — February 12, 2014 — Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter and regional sales, marketing, business and economic development organizations came together today to launch the city’s first joint attraction campaign — ‘PHL: Here for the Making.’ From groundbreaking discoveries to history changing conventions, this new campaign highlights greater Philadelphia as a place where people from all backgrounds can pursue their own goals and dreams — from the making of a successful convention, an innovative business venture, even a new career. For more information, visit